Document Scanning Provides a Fast ROI

Document scanning provides a fast return on investment for your business over manual and outdated paper files.  Save your company valuable time in filing, accessing and sharing important business files by scanning and storing electronic documents over costly paper files kept in cabinets or boxes.  An easy-to-use document management system such as imagize keeps your business records organized and protects against disaster and loss while saving your business money.

Scanning saves costs over manual paper filing and retrieval:

  • Document Scanning – pages are scanned at 30-90 pages per minute capturing the front and back in a single pass
  • Data Indexing – use barcode or optical character recognition (OCR) to capture document index values for easy filing
  • No Misfiles – it is estimated the 5-7% of all documents are misfiled costing your company $ 150 in recreating a single document
  • Reduce Copies and Duplicate Files – save time and office supplies by reducing the amount of printed copies
  • Save Space – as much as 15% of your current office space is consummed by filing cabinets and boxes of files

File Maintenance and Retrieval Costs:

Paper Files:

It costs a company over $ 2100 each year to keep and maintain a single 5-drawer filing cabinet.  Standard file retention for business documents average 7 years.  This costs a company over $ 14,500 per file cabinet to keep these files!

Digital Documents:

It costs approximately $ .03 – $ .05 a page to scan depending on the document preparation and indexing requirements.  An average 5-drawer filing cabinet holds approximately 20,000 pages.

Digital Document Return on Investment:

Per 5-drawer filing cabinet for 7 years of storage

Paper Files: $14,700.00                                  Digital Scanning: = $ 800 (one-time cost)

$ 2100 per year x 7 years                                         20,000 pages @ $ .04/page to scan

Option: Document imaging solutions

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