Document Scanning Creates Secure Digital Images

Document scanning creates digital images that are secure and provide confidentiality and preservation of important information for business files.  Scanned images are digitized and the paper document is converted to pixals capturing the layout, text, signatures, dates, background, etc. of the origital document.

Once scanned or converted to a digital image, the images are archived and preserved within a document management system or web hosted document imaging solution of your choice.   System reporting and control logs contain the metadata for scanned imagies and include scanned date and timestamps and a variety of other data important for records management, information adutits. etc.

Your document management system admin can set up users, groups and control policies, etc.   Your information is protected from unauthorized access and digital images and data can be backed up protecting you against disaster and loss.

Secure Digital Images:

  • Images are scanned in a Group 4 TIFF images format and cannot be altered
  • Signatures, dates and handwritten material is preserved as the original
  • Images are scanned with a date and timestamp

Secure Document Management and Web Hosted Imaging Solutions:

  • User Access is Controlled by the System Administrator
  • Unique Username and Password Protection
  • User Rights and Privledges are Controlled
  • Departmental and Document Level Security
  • Audit Trails and Logs