"imagize allows us to use our existing office copier to easily scan, label and send our records to imagize. Our client files are securely stored online and accessible to our staff from anywhere at anytime making our office more efficient, and providing prompt service to our customers."

- P Bernauer
The Bernauer Insurance Agency

"imagize has improved processing with our medical billing service while eliminating courier costs and the slow, painful faxing process. All of our records are stored securely in imagize and our staff easily files and retrieves information online from anywhere, at anytime.”

- Dr. M Oldenberg MD
Twin Cities Medical Clinic

"The imagize process gave us simple tools to utilize our existing document scanner for ‘batch scanning’ and tracking our time. We went from scanning a few client files per day to scanning well over 150 client files per day with imagize. The steps are easy and the process allows us to use part-time help when needed and maintain consistent results.”

- D Webster
Shapiro and Zeilke LLC

"As the healthcare industry moves toward electronic medical records, we're a step ahead in terms of digitally integrating a patient's historical information with their current electronic health record for a complete chart, thanks to indigital, Inc.”

- K Morris
Queen of Peace Hospital

"We have worked with indigital, Inc. for the past five years, and now we can quickly and easily retrieve our digital records. This easy-to-use storage system has saved us tremendous amounts of time and money, and we will never go back to our old ways of copying, mailing and faxing."

– R Schrom
Marquette Financial Companies