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Scanning in Color

Document scanners today are able to recognize color documents automatically preserving the original document look and feel.  Scanning in color maintains the original look such as a signature, signed in a blue ink pen along with other important details within a document.  Large engineering plans that have mark-ups indicating changes or revisions, as well as a color legend or graph can be critical for maintaining document integrity and long-term information storage requirements.

Scanning Hints

Batch Scanning Maximizes Scanning Speed

If you have a dedicated document scanner  or current multi-function copier/scanner/printer, you can take advantage of a scanning technique called “batch scanning.”

Batch Scanning is placing a stack of documents in the scanner and automatically separating the documents or files with a “patch code” or document separator sheet.”  Most business-grade document scanners use a page with a barcode, referred to as a “patchcode” sheet, to separate documents during the scanning process.  Place the patch code sheet between documents or files and you will quickly maximize your document scanning speed.