Data Indexing Services

indigital, Inc. provides data indexing services for search field indexing in your document imaging system and image naming procsseses.  Indexing can be performed automatically either from OCR data capture or a data match process with existing data from a data file.  Indexing can also be performed maunally from the scanned images.

indigital, Inc. customizes our data entry templates for your specific key index fields and document search requirements.  We have created standard indexing templates for digital filing and retrieval needs for Accounting, Human Resource, Legal, Healthcare, and a variety of other departmental needs.

Standard Retrieval Templates include:

  • Accounting – Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • Human Resources – Employee Files
  • Legal – Case Files
  • Healthcare – Medical Records
  • Manufacturing – Sales Orders and Bill of Lading Files

 Employee File Indexing Template

Employee files data entry fields

Employee Files Data Indexing Template

Data Match Option:

Matching scanned documents to existing data records to reduce manual data entry hours and chance for errors is a process called data matching.  The imagize online document imaging system offers a feature called Data Match for electronically matching data, that’s imported into imagize, to scanned documents prior to retrieval and archiving into the system.

Data Match Benefits:

  • Saves time by eliminating manual data entry hours
  • Reduces errors
  • Matches “unmatched” data to “unmatched” scanned images
  • Auto-populates key index search fields
  • A check and balance for data records and corresponding images

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable areas in the accounting departments are great examples of the data match process.  Data is exported from your accounting system consisting of the following fields.  During the scanning process, the invoice number is captured and matched against the invoice number in the data record.

Data Match Example:

  • Invoice Number:  122335 (unique image and data is matched)
  • Invoice Date:   01-01-2013
  • Check Number:  755534
  • Check Amount:  $ 100.00
  • Customer Number:  ABC123

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