Digital Storage Solutions

Digital storage solutions for document imaging can be as simple as CD-ROM disks, or as complex as content management systems for data mining and litigation support.  Document imaging and digital storage solutions which are easy-to-use, scalable, and simple to maintain are readily available to small, mid and large businesses.

Scanning paper files to digital images is more than just creating a digital storage solution for your business files.  It’s about file organization, fast document retrieval, and secure and protected storage.  Document imaging systems provide all of these benefits along with a number of other features such as workflow, notifications, batch scanning, etc. including the benefit of storing information digitally.

A document imaging software system is the best digital storage solution for your document management needs.  While storing digital images in file folders on your business server, or on CD-ROM disks seem like easy and inexpensive alternatives, the chance for misfiled documents and inconsistent image naming resultng in scattered information is extremely high.  Unstructured digital images costs your business valuable time and money in the organization, retrieval, and security of important digital information.

Document Imaging Software:

Online Document Imaging Systems:

Software as a Service (SaaS) Option

Hosted in a Secure Data Center

No Capital Expense for Servers & Technical Support

On-Premise Document Imaging Systems:

Software Purchase or Lease (annual software & upgrade fees)

Maintained On-Site (need an off-site disaster backup solution)

Ownership of Hardware,  Technical Support

File Folders on Servers:

Creation of File Folders, Subfolders, and Directory Structure

Create Security on File Folders – Control via User Login Role, etc.

Create Proper Image Naming Convention

CD-ROM and DVD Disks:

Creation of CD-ROM or DVD Disk Series for Record Types (HR, Finance, etc.)

Creation of Master Disks and Working Copy Disks

Store and Maintain On-Site and Off-Site Storage and Access

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