Document Preparation Services

Document preparation services is the first step in a successful document scanning process.  A systematic and disciplined document and file preparation task allows high-speed document scanning and efficient indexing services.  This is crucial for maintaining file consistency and high-quality images throughout the entire document scanning and data indexing process.  Often times, this task is overlooked as an important step and unless it’s properly managed, a poor document preparation job can cause problems for the document scanning and data indexing steps.

indigital, Inc. takes pride in the document preparation task and goes above and beyond the call for recognizing misfiled documents, repairing torn pages, unfolding corners and removing post-it-notes which cover important information including signatures while at the same time, preparing your documents for high-speed scanning services.  We also place eye-readable target sheets indicating  “Poor Quality” original in front of all documents and pages that are cut-off, blurry or bad photocopies, faded information (old thermal fax pages), and other “questionable” documents.

The majority of our customers choose to destroy and shred the original paper files once they have been scanned and the digital images have been returned for importing into their document management solution or uploading to the imagize on-line document imaging system.  Strict quality control processes and proper communication from our staff to yours during the document preparation stage is crucial for maintaining file organization and information integrity.

indigital provides the following document preparation services:

  • File Organization
  • Document Separation (placing separators between files and documents for scanning)
  • Removal of Staples, Paper Clips, Clasps, etc.
  • Unfolding Corners and Repairing Torn Pages
  • Post-it-Notes (removal or placing on the backside or blank page)
  • Poor Quality Target Sheets (indicating that the original page was poor quality)
  • File Purge (based on your file retention schedules)

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