Image & Data Formats

Image and data export formats are flexible and tailored to your retrieval and document storage requirements.  Standard image naming processes as well as custom data export files are part of our versatile scanning services.  Many of our clients use a document imaging system for storing and accessing digital documents.  indigital, Inc. tailors the image and data export format for an easy and automated importing task of uploading scanned images and data into your document management solution.

Digital Image Formats

  • CCITT Group 4 Tiff Image
  • PDF Image (image only or OCR searchable file)
  • JPG Image
  • PNG Image

Image Naming Options:

  • Images can be named a sequential number_date and timestamp: 000001_01012013-163423.tif  (systems rename them)
  • Images can be named a readable file name: DOE_JOHN_09-12-1966.tif
scanned image file naming

scanned image file naming

Data Formats

  • Comma or tab delimited text (txt) files: DOE,JOHN,09-12-1966
  • CSV files
  • XML files
scanning data file naming

scanning data file naming

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