Secure Document Shredding Services

Secure document shredding services through indigital, Inc. is cost-effective, confidential, and convenient.  We provide on-site and off-site document shredding services through certified shredding companies throughout the midwest and southwest US regions.

Our scanning process tracks your order via a unique Work Order-Batch number process.  This provides systematic tracking throughout the prep, scan, index and secure document shredding service process.  Once your documents have been scanned and the digital images have been securely uploaded into the imagize online document imaging system, or delivered back to you for importing into your document management solution, we secure your original files for 30 days prior to destruction.  An authorization form is sent for your approval and release for secure shredding.

indigital, Inc. contracts through certified shredding services or works with your direct contracted service providing:

  • Certified Document Shredding Service
  • Secure and Confidential
  • Authorization and Release Form
  • Destruction Certificate
  • Scheduled Services
  • Bulk Rates Available

We value the opportunity to work with you on all of your secure, document shredding needs.

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