Scanning Software

Scanning software can provide basic scanning functionality or provide a variety of information capture and image processing features as well.

Many document scanners include a base scanner driver and software that you configure for your document scanning needs.  Document scanners from Canon include a FREE scanning software program called Capture Perfect or On Touch that’s good for scanning consistent quality documents.

For other features and enhancements including OCR and barcode recognition and setting up different job templates for scanning a variety of documents, etc. you will want to consider purchasing a document scanning software program.  Kofax Express is a scanning software program that is feature-rich with many job templates and image enhancing tools.

Kofax scanning software

Kofax Express scanning software

indigital, Inc. is a reseller of the Kofax Express document scanning software program.  Kofax is an industry leader in the document scanning, image enhancement, and data capture industry.  Kofax Express is the document scanning software “front-end” for many document imaging systems and content management solutions.

Kofax Express includes:

  • Job Templates
  • Data Indexing Templates
  • OCR and Barcode Data Recognition
  • Batch Scanning and Document Separation
  • Image Auto-Orientation and Blank Page Dropout
  • Standard and Custom Exports including an imagize Export Connector

Note:  imagize provides a Kofax Express export connector for exporting, processing and securely uploading images and data files to your imagize online document imaging system.

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